Here is a List of The Diffrent Types of Pokies Games

Classic Pokies
classic pokies Classic pokies are among the simplest slot machines around. Composed of 3 reels, classic pokies usually only have 1 pay-line. However, as simple as they are, they still come with other features. Some of today’s modern virtual classic pokies come with high profile progressive jackpot prizes accompanied by wild symbols, and scatter symbols.

Betting is also usually very simple. Players can choose to bet on 1 coin, 2 coins or 3 coins. This is normally on a single pay-line. Players click “Bet One” or “Bet Max” to determine how many coins will be wagered on the spin with up to a maximum of 3 coins on the spin. Although, if you hunt around there are classic slots with 3-payline and 9-payline options that offer a larger number of coins to be wagered.

Finally, classic pokies are well-known for their incredible speed. Lightening reel spins give players that love to plough through their spin variation with more spins per hour at affordable rates!

Bonus Pokies
Bonus Pokies Game Jurassic Park3D animated bonus rounds that fit into the pokie’s themed gameplay are high paying action games that pay large multipliers usually in accordance with the amount of cash and number of lines bet on the spin.

Bonuses are usually triggered by a combination of symbols. More often than not, the scatter symbol triggers the bonus round. However, other pokies will use specific symbols or trigger the bonus via collecting certain symbols. In addition, there are bonus slots that use the free spins bonus rounds that are played out on a set of bonus reels.

Plus, extra bonuses include gamble features in which players can risk their winnings on a coin flip, and there are plenty of additional pick-me as well as.

Some of the newer interactive pokies offer multi-level gameplay and in game incentives. These bonus games save a player’s progress, so when the player returns, he/she will start at the level reached in their previous session.

Fruit Slot Machines
Fruit Slot MachineDespite the fact that fruit slot machines have been more common in the UK, they have gradually crossed borders and are now a common feature in other parts of the world, and an upcoming favourite among Aussies. This type of slot game is a little different from other slot games due to incorporation of two special features: the “Nudge” feature and the

“Hold” feature.
When wagering fruit slot machines, the ‘nudge’ and ‘hold are the kingpins of the fruit machine. They bring out the fun in the fruits via fun and often referred to as skilful slots play through player interaction.
Nudges give players the freedom to move any reel down. Each reel moved is called a nudge, and players are awarded a certain of nudges used to shift the symbols into a winning combination.

Players can hold symbols, which preserves the symbol for the next spin. Sometimes, there is an added bonus when players win a bonus combination and they are awarded a ‘hold’. They can press hold on every symbol and spin for a repeat pay-out.

Loyalty Pokies Machines
Loyalty slot machines are unique in that the more you play, the higher your chances of winning. These pokies have been designed to bring back repeat business and build up the gameplay and player experience.

Players can win extra loyalty points gambling their points on loyalty slots that offer huge jackpot rewards and great combination pay-outs. Collect points as you spin or win points via a variety of loyalty slot machines offering a diverse range of ways to pay out.

Loyalty slot machines also have bonus features though triggered by in game features and trigger combinations. As opposed to other types of slot machines, bonus features in on loyalty slots are normally activated by collecting a specified number of symbols on the reels and thus encourages the player to keep playing to activate a bonus and edge closer to a win.

Multipayline Pokies
Multipayline pokies are the most played pokies online. They have more than one payline on the reels opening up the opportunity for slot developers to produce a flurry of slot machines with imaginative pay-line structures.
Today, there is a huge range of multiplayline pokies beginning with variations that start with as low as 3 pay-lines. On the other end of the scale, there are pokies out there with pay-lines crammed into the reels holding as many as 100 pay-lines per spin.

Some of the most popular pokies today are the 20 and 25 pay-line slots played on non-progressive and progressive jackpots with 5 reels. There are also plenty of classic slots with only 3 reels, but the developers have added multiple pay-lines. This is usually 3 to 9 pay-lines wagering options on the 3 reel pokies.

Bonus features, gambles, and free spins are still an integral part of this type of pokie, and they significantly increase value of the wins. Scatter symbols, wild cards, and multiplier symbols also help increase chances of winning as well as extending win margins.

Progressive Pokies
Progressive Jackpot PokiesProgressive jackpots are currently the king of online pokies. They have literally taken over the headlines with regular reports of life-changing fortunes dished out on plate to lucky winners via simply playing MAX BET spins and landing the random jackpot trigger.

If ever there was a buzz in the online pokies industry, it is today’s progressive jackpots that are stealing all the limelight. Just to prove a point, Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune progressive slot paid out over €5 million last year.
In addition, more headlining titles include Microgaming’s Mega Moolah and Dark Knight Rises progressive jackpots. Both have equally been paying out million dollar jackpots recording some of the biggest wins seen online via both mobile and desktop devices.

Most progressive pokies are in fact not so different from their non-progressive counterparts. The only difference between these two concepts is that a non-progressive pokie has a fixed jackpot pay-out; while the jackpot on progressive pokies progressively grows bigger as more players spin the reels.
Progressive pokies also come with a host of wild features, free spins, reel combination modifications and bonus rounds with 3D versions desktop and mobile gameplay on the multiplatform casino sites.