Twin Spin Pokie Machine

The world of online video slot can be a tough one to navigate at times, because there are just so many different options out there it can be daunting. When someone wants to play a video slot they might not know what type they want to play or what kind of action they are looking for.

All they know is that they want some action and they want to have a good time. Now you would think that finding good options would be easy right? The answer is no. Some game developer’s are good and know what they are doing while others are just so so.

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We’re the type of video slot players that look for games we know are going to provide us with good quality graphics, a plethora of ways to win, and easy to understand rules. Is this too much to ask for?

The problem we come across is the so many video slots online seem to be geared towards only one type of player/gambler. With this being the case right away it locks out certain people. Well Twin Spins is a slot that doesn’t do this. The game is made by one of the better known game developer’s out there, Net Entertainment.

Twin Spin video slot focuses the following:

Not boring players by only giving them a few simple ways to win. Sure, some people like simplicity when it comes to ways they can win, but this can get boring really fast. If the goal is to keep someone on a certain game for a long time then you have to give them plenty of chances to win in order for them to stay captivated. Twin Spin video slot does this pretty good.

Providing easy to understands rules of the game in order for players to follow along. The rules aren’t hard to understand at all and should only take a few minutes to absorb. In many cases it should take less time than this. Because you can quickly get the hang of how Twin Spin works you won’t make a mistake.

Providing you with graphics that aren’t going to overwhelm your senses. Now Vegas believes in doing this, because they know some players enjoy the constant assault on their eyes. However, video slot machine players who intend on playing for a long time will need something that’s not going to cause them to be visually confused or be a strain on their eyes. The Twin Spin slot game does a good job in this area by keeping graphics simple.

Here’s some of the basics players can expect with Twin Spin:

Twin Spin has 5 reels, but there are about 243 different ways you can win as a player. This is far different that what you might have experienced with other slot machines. Different ways to win means a lot in the long run.

The graphics and animation is done is a very professional way. They are very clear and slick. You won’t have any problem taking them in for long periods of time. They are just right, not too flashy, but not too underwhelming.

Twin Spin is different from other slot because every spin starts with similar, adjacent twin reels joined together. During spins these twin reels are going to expand in order to become triple, quadruple or quintuple reels.

Some players really value free spins, which is bad because this video slot doesn’t come with any. However, this is made up for by the fact that you can win in so many more ways. And what you can win is substantial.

How does Twin Spins compare to other video slots out there?

We believe that the different ways you can win is what makes this game so special. Sure, not having any bonuses is going to be an issue for some, because in some slots the free spins really add another dimension to the game. Net Entertainment did a good job at compensating for this though.


You can play for low limits with Twin Spins or higher limits. We liked our periods of play because we were always winning something. The game is not too fast paced while at the same time not being boring. Slot players who like to play for extended periods of time will not tire of Twin Spin.

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