The Toki Time Pokie Machine

Some of us like slot machine games that are going to be mind benders, but some of us like simpler options. This is what you get with The Toki Time. Its a video slot machine by Thunderkick and you can find it at any number of online casinos out there. The Toki Time has 11 pay-lines, but seeing as how the lines pay in each direction you can think of it as having 22 pay-lines.

Now when you first start playing this video slot you’re going to think it comes off as very childish. However, we don’t look at it this way. We look at it as being unique in it’s design and unique in its appeal. In case readers are curious about what this game is about, its about Tokies which are tiny cute Japanese monsters. These little monsters are very cut and innocent looking. The entire game is themed around this.

What special software does The Toki Time use to work?

The game makes use of Quick Time in order to work. This makes the game even better in terms of quality of play. There are also special features such as a rotating background right in back of the reel set. There’s also flying symbols at the back right after every spin.

The thing with Thunderkick is that they don’t allow themselves to fall behind as far as trends go. They make sure they stay out in front of things. What this means is you won’t see a lot of fancy looking buttons. Instead you’re going to get a very minimalistic options menu which makes everything a cinch.

What’s the minimum and maximum credit sizes?

The bet sizes start with .10 credits and go all the way up to 100 credits.

What’s the theoretical return to players with this game?

The theoretical return to players who play The Toki Time would be 97.1%. This is actually quite high.

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What kind of features are on this game?

The thing about Toki Time is that it’s made to be a very simple game. With this being the case there really aren’t that many features on it.

What’s the maximum amount of money a player can win?

You can win up to 2,400 coins with this video slot. This is assuming you’re playing at the maximum level, which few people do.

Are there Wild symbols?

There are certain Wild symbols referred to in the game as Expanding Wilds. These look like tall monsters that are a combination of different animals. They show up on reels 2 and 4 and when you get them you’ll be able to get an unlimited amount of re-spins until you don’t get any more wins. The returns you can get when you have this in play is pretty high. There is no scatter symbol. What makes The Toki Time better than other video slots out there?

What we’ll focus on here is the childish nature of the game. The Toki Time is so simple to play and so simple in it’s design that it’s hard to not like it. Other games try to have a simple theme, but rarely does it give the vibe the right way. Toki Time succeeds at this, maybe it’s the little monsters that make everything work.


If you like playing video slots that have a simple theme and are just flat out fun, then it’s hard to go wrong with The Toki Time. We played this game and were honestly delighted by it’s look and appeal. To us the childish vibe of it really works and we had genuine fun with it. However, we can see how some other video slot players won’t be too intrigued with the game.

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