The Sunny Scoops Pokie Machine

Thunderkick is always coming out with creative games that are used on a lot of online casinos. The reason why so many operations turn to them is because they are very good at what they do. Thunderkick makes some of the best games in the business and players of their games are never disappointed by the level of game play.

The Sunny Scoops is one of the latest games to be created by this industry Giant. The game looks pretty basic at first and it has a very colorful theme to it, but there’s more to this slot game then meets the eye.
The Sunny Scoops has a 3 reel set along with 14 fixed pay-lines.

Now this slow is worlds away from being like your typical Las Vegas slot machine, but it’s very playful. What makes this slot game even better is that the variance is low. It has a theoretical return to a player of about 96%.

What are the graphics like for The Sunny Scoops?

Graphics are important if you’re going to have fun with a slot machine game. We took at look at what this one had to offer. The first thing we noticed was that the graphics seemed a bit heavy and the animations were really simple.

Is this problematic in any way when it comes down to game play? We saw that this wasn’t the case. Thunderkick knows what their doing. They did a good job of keeping the flow of the game what it needed to be. There’s a pretty good balance between the scoops and their win-lines.

All in all we would say the graphics are pretty solid while at the same time not being overwhelming. The game makes use of a real-time 3D engine, which is made from Unity. Players will want to consider enabling it right before the game starts loading. In fact they’ll be prompted to do this.

How good of a job does The Sunny Scoops slot machine game do at grabbing attention?

There are a lot of slot machine games out there that are made with graphics so complex it can be mind bending. These graphics really pull you in, but at the same time they can be too much to take at times. The Sunny Scoops doesn’t really seem to capture a players attention in the same ways as these other slot machine games might. The minimalistic design is one cause for this, but it isn’t problematic.

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What are some of the symbols and bonuses on the game?

The fun thing about The Sunny Scoops is that the symbols on it are very colorful and simple. The games features a variety of different ice cream flavor combination and you’re going to win money by matching them up in different ways. You don’t get multiple payouts combinations with this game though. You get paid out when you get three of a kind. The most money you can get from a combination is five times your initial stake.

How would high rollers like The Sunny Scoops?

If you’re the type of player that likes to play slots for high stakes, then you might not like The Sunny Scoops. The game has decent limits, but they aren’t really high. Despite the fact that the limits are not too high you’ll still have a chance to win a nice amount of money from this game.

This is if you’re able to stack up similar scoops on one reel or on the vertical pay-line. The Sunny Scoops doesn’t have any wild card symbols nor does it have any scatter symbols. There are bonus games though.

It’s certainly not a game for high rollers, but you can still win impressive amounts if you manage to stack the same scoops on one reel or vertical pay-line.

How does The Sunny Scoops stack up to other slot machine games out there?

When we looked at some of the flashier slot machine games out there we found that they offered a more complex experience overall. Now some players might like to keep things simple, but then again some might not. This slot machine game does a good job at keeping things simple and fun.

The graphics aren’t the most complex and some would argue that they are too childish for a lot of players. Those who like simple action and a short learning curve will appreciate this game though. Thunderkick doesn’t put out games players won’t have a good time engaging in.


The Sunny Scoops is simple in design, easy to learn, has good payouts and isn’t too hard on the eyes. It has a childish theme that all about letting lose. All in all we liked it, but we know that some slot players who are into more complex designs will not.

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