The Fruit Warp Pokie Machine

Playing slot machine games is all about having fun and being able to win some money in the process, hopefully. However there are a lot of slot machine games out there that do a bad job at delivering you the type of entertainment you want or the quality of entertainment you want.

The Fruit Wrap is a slot machine game that won’t let you down in this regard. As far as uniqueness goes its one of the most unique slot games out there. It’s created and powered by one of the best in the gaming business , Thunderkick and its distributed by another industry leader, Microgaming.

Because of these two factors you can be sure that the gaming experience is going to be exactly what you need it to be in order to have fun. Visually you’re not going to be let down by The Fruit Wrap. There’s also lots of chances to win money here. The game is obviously themed around different fruits and each of the fruit symbols you would get are going to represent different things.

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What’s unique about The Fruit Wrap?

One thing we noticed about this slot machine game is that even though its called a slot machine, it doesn’t have any reel nor does it have any lines. What players can expect instead is a large green screen where 3D fruit symbols are going to land. 10 fruits are going to land on every spin. Some of these fruits would include grapes, bananas, oranges and strawberries. This is just to name a few.

In order to get the game started so that fruit symbols will start falling on the screen, a player has to place a bet. These bets are put down right beneath the reels as players push the Bet button.

Once a player does this they’ll be able to see each type of bet the game has. The size of bets is going to vary between 0.1 and 100 credits for any individual round. This is one of the primary reasons why the game seems to be so popular with certain types of gamblers, namely high rollers.

Once a player puts down their bet they have to click on a spin button so that fruit symbols begin falling on the games screen. If three of the same symbols land in any areas of the scree, then a player gets a payout.

How much are the payouts?

Payouts are going to depend on the fruits matched as well as how many of them were matched. Players have a chance to win up to 216 credits. This amount of paid out whenever a player is able to get 9 special red fruits on the screen, which isn’t easy to do.

What special features does The Fruit Wrap have?

Certain features this slot has would include a special trigger that activates when a player gets 4 matching fruit symbols. This allows for free re-spins and you’d get another chance to match up some fruits. There also a special mode called “fruit mode” that’s activated whenever a player gets 5 matching fruit symbols.

What makes this game different from other slot machine games out there?

The Fruit Wraps is unique in that its easy to get a payout and the learning curve is short. There are just so many chances to get a payout here that’s its hard to lose a lot of money if you play for low limits. Thunderkick did a good job with this one. The graphics are just right without being overdone and the special bonuses aren’t all that hard to access with continued play.


The Fruit Wraps might seem like just another slot machine game at first, but its so much more than that. The fruit theme has been done before and many times. Thunderkick did a good job at doing something a little different with it in order to not make the game seem too generic.