Steam Tower Pokie Machine

When we’re looking for good video slots to plan online we often don’t think too much about how much money we’re willing to lose. This isn’t our main reason for wanting to play. We expect to lose some money, win some money, and have a good time doing it. The main thing that attracts us to a particular video slot would be how good we think our experience is going to be playing it. The better our experience the more we can forgive certain weak areas a game might have. So how do we know a video slot is going to offer a good experience?

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We check out what others are saying about the video slot. We know that serious players are going to voice their opinion online if they play a slot they don’t like. Not only will they voice their concern, but they’ll also tell you every little thing they didn’t like. It works the other way to. If players are enjoying their experience they’ll tell you why.

We take a good look at the theme or storyline of a video slot. How important do you think this is? There are so many different slots out there we’ve seen it can get boring if you play nothing but basic games. We look for something that’s going to pull you in in different ways. If players are pulled in then this means their being properly entertained and this is the whole purpose of slots in the first place.

We want to make sure the slot machine game is going to offer a better than average chance to get a payout. This is what’s going to have players riding highs. Sure they’ll be loses, but the wins, even if they are small, should be numerous. It’s all about the experience of playing the game and any video slot that fits all these criteria is going to be good.

Steam Tower is a video slot by Net Entertainment that succeeds in all three of these areas. Other players speak well about it around the net, the game has a good theme, and the payouts are frequent enough to keep players thoroughly interested. Lets take a look at some other facets of the game.

Steam Tower video slot has 5 reels and 15 pay-lines. This is more than okay and we found it’s what a lot of slots out there have.

You can play for very small sums of money, which keeps you playing for a long time. You can bet as little as 15p and as much as £150 a spin.

Steam Tower has a good theme, steampunk. This is based off of a 19th century Victorian era with heavy influences from the industrial design. The goal of the game is for you for you to rescue the princess from the dragon.

You’re going to find that Steam Tower has numerous wilds along with a pretty good free spins feature. With the free spins feature the multiplier can be as much as 7x. If you want to know how this works, it increases as you go up different flights of stairs in order to save the princess from the dragon.

How does Steam Tower compare with other video slots out there?

We’re going to make our focus the experience in general. The experience this video slot offers is very good and we feel it’s going to appeal to players impulsive instincts very well. The graphics are done just right as to keep players captivated. Other video slots struggle to really hold your interest for long and the experience becomes stale after a while. This is why some players will switch slots so often. We feel that with Steam Tower players will not want to switch so fast.


Steam Tower is not the absolute best video slow we’ve ever played, but its certainly one of the most entertaining. We were really pulled into the storyline and we really liked how frequently we were able to collect a payout. Sure they weren’t the biggest, but it helped to hold our interest (who likes to lose too frequently).

We found other reviews on the internet that back up our thoughts. All in all Steam Tower is a good option for video slot players who get into the entertainment aspect of gambling more than simply the money side of it.

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