Big Bang Pokie Review


Slots Game: Big Bang Pokie
Network: Netent
Bonus: $625 Exclusive!
Australian Players Accepted: Yes


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Big Bang

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Big bang payout

Big Bang is a game released by NetEnt not very long ago, which features a couple of innovative payways and one that will keep you interested for a while if you let it grow on you. It is very well designed, the graphics and gameplay are appealing and all in all it is a very well crafted game. Even though it does lack in my opinion in the area of interactivity, it did keep me seated and entertained for a couple hundred spins before I started writing this review.

Big bang colors

One of the things I liked a lot is the theme. As the name suggests, the pokie’s “action” takes place in outer space and everything about it promotes that. The symbols are all comets, stars and other planetary bodies. It is a very colorful game, as most of NetEnt’s releases and it will catch your eye from the first spin.

Big bang Wild

Even though all symbols look good and the way the game works keeps you going regardless of what you see on the reels, the Wild symbol portrayed as the sun is what you should be looking for while playing since 5 of them on any of the 25 paylines will get you a payout of 1,000 coins. Of course, Wild cards work exactly as you would expect them to, substituting any symbol on winning lines to get you better rewards.

You will also see the standard 10, J, Q, K, A icons on the reels, which are very crisp and designed very much in tone with the game. And even though the payout for winning lines featuring these lines will not be considerable, they will come in very handy when on a winning streak. Details about that and why you will love these small wins will come soon, below.

big bang multiplier

The unique feature of this game that really pulls it out of mediocrity and makes it maybe more interesting than any other pokie I played so far is the constant Multiplier. You will see on the left side of the reels a scale where the available multipliers are displayed, ranging from 1x to 32x. The great thing about this feature is that you don’t need to do anything special to get it! Each consecutive win will trigger the next available multiplier, which will get you to greater rewards on the next spin and so on. If you are lucky enough to get a 6 consecutive wins streak, you will get to the 32x multiplier, after each of your previous wins was already multiplied 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x. This where even small wins from the standard 10, J, Q, K, A symbols become extremely valuable. The longer you keep the winning streak running for, the greater your payout. As expected, every loss will end the fun and will take you back to the 1x multiplier.

This is a bonus I’ve never personally seen on any other pokie and one I really appreciated. I do believe that this feature will be used again and again by the guys at NetEnt in future releases.

Big bang supermegawin

Even though there is no Free Spins bonus, no actual bonus game and not much interactivity, the game will definitely appeal to those of you who like a simple, straight forward game, with a simple a rewarding payout system. The way I see this game is a great way of seeing what the future holds for us pokie lovers as far as the NetEnt games are concerned. I am sure they will use this new multiplier  feature on even better Pokies in the future, and those will definitely be games you don’t want to miss! Of course, you should give this game a try as well to get used with this in-game bonus and take advantage of everything Big Bang has to offer, one thing being the addictive entertainment it provides!


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