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Slots Game: Avalon II
Network: Microgaming
Bonus: $1000 + 50 Spins Free
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Australian Players Accepted: Yes


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Avalon II Pokies Game – The Quest for the Holy Grail

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Avalon II is one of the most expected games of 2014 and definitely one that generated a huge hype among online Casinos both before and after its launch. It is one the most recent Microgaming releases and I honestly think it’s one of the best pokies available at the moment for the Casino players. It offers absolutely stunning graphics, an amazingly entertaining gameplay and amazing cash rewards. I can safely say that from the visual quality point of view it is closer to a video game than it is to any other slot I’ve seen. And as far as the gameplay is concerned, all I need to say to prove my point is that it offers the players the possibility of playing 8 different bonus games.


It is themed around the Holy Grail quest and you will be joined in this quest by King Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin and Morgan and believe me, you will play this game for as long as your balance can take it. Nothing else will determine you to stop playing since the game is build in a manner that makes it completely addictive.

But since you can play it from as little as €0.30 up to €7.50 per spin, Avalon II is at least affordable if not even cheap compared to other maybe lower quality slots. Even though it may not seem like an appropriate game for a high-roller, Avalon II will satisfy the needs of any Casino player. Thanks to the 243 ways to win Microgaming is using in this game, the fun is never over and the rewards can be considerable for a rather low spin value. I managed to hit a couple of pretty huge wins during the thousands of spins I played “testing” this game and I never got bored of it, not even for a second.

Your first chance of hitting some nice wins is going to be the Wild symbol, which appears quite often on the reels during base-game. As usual, the Wild will substitute itself for other standard symbols on the reel to complete winning combinations on your paylines and get you more rewards. To make things more interesting, there is also an Expanding Wild feature implemented in the base-game, which will be triggered only on your middle reel and will give you the chance to make some great wins. The Lady of the Lake Expanding Wild is a randomly triggered feature and definitely one that will get you back In the game after a downswing.

There is another randomly triggered bonus feature available in the base-game of Avalon II and that is the Merlin feature. This legendary character appears randomly on your screen and will swing his magic wand to get you some pretty nice prizes both after winning and non-winning spins. If it appears after a winning spin, it will randomly award you a 2x-4x multiplier on your prize and if it appears after a non-winning spin, it will offer you a random prize consisting of 4x-20x your spin value. This is a feature that is animated absolutely great and one that will make you smile each time you hit it.

Avalon II bonus game map

The most important feature available in Avalon II is by far the Grail Bonus though. To trigger it, you will need 3 Holy Grail scatters anywhere on your reels. This is where your quest for the Holy Grail really starts and where, with the help of the legendary characters, you will earn some absolutely great rewards for your efforts. Like I already mentioned, this feature offers 8 different bonus games, all available as you progress in your quest. This makes the game even more exciting and is definitely a great incentive to keep playing spin after spin for hours.

The first bonus game available is the Lake of Legends feature, which is a dice rolling game with a twist. You will need to rebuild Excalibur from 6 broken pieces within the 10 rolls you have available. Each piece of the puzzle has a number associated on the dice and if you are lucky enough to hit all 6 numbers on the dice in the 10 shots you have, rebuilding Excalibur will come with some great cash rewards. Each number on the dice will act as a multiplier, offering you its value x your spin value (for example, hitting a 5 will mean you get a prize of 5x your current spin value). Rebuilding Excalibur completely will add another 15x your stake to the total bonus game win, making it extremely profitable especially if you are playing Avalon II at a decent bet.

Next up is the Misty Value bonus round. You will get to choose an Extra Wild which will complete your winning combinations from the paylines during the 15 free spins you get in this feature. To make things more interesting, every win where your extra wild will complete the combination will come with a 2x multiplier. Some great wins can be made in this bonus round as well, so make sure to try it at least once.

Your third stop in your quest to retrieve the Holy Grail is the Whispering Woods feature. You may be a little disappointed by this bonus round at first, because it is very basic compared to the first 2, but don’t let that fool you. Even though everything you need to do is choose your favorite out of 5 shields, bear in mind that all of them have different multipliers assigned and will award you prizes from as little as 10x your stake up to 160x your current spin value. If you’re playing this game at the maximum €7.50 spin value, this feature alone can get you a prize of €1,200 if you are lucky enough to choose the highest paying shield.

Avalon Forest bonus

Then there’s the Forrest Falls bonus feature, number four on your way to greatness. You will be awarded 20 free spins and even though the feature comes with no multiplier, there is another twist that can considerably increase your wins. The Avalon II Wild symbol will become a Trailing Wild, which means that if you hit it on rows 1 or 2 on the reel, it will just stay there and expand on the whole reel for one more spin. You can get some great winning combinations from this feature and the rewards will be impressive regardless of the stake you chose to play Avalon II at.

Your fifth stop in the quest for the Holy Grail is the Dusky Moors bonus round. All you have to do here is match 2 identical helms, but the goal is to do that in as many tries as possible. You won’t stop picking until you do and on top of the prizes you will get from each helm which will range from 6 to 20 times your stake, each wrong choice you make will add an increasing multiplier ranging from 2x to 8x. This turned out to be a highly rewarding feature in my experience and I recommend you to make all you can to get to it.

Morgan’s Keep is the sixth available bonus game. This is also a free spins round, but the great thing about it is that all your wins will be automatically doubled by the standard 2x multiplier. On top of this, for each consecutive win, this multiplier will grow from 2x to 3x and so on up until 6x. If you are lucky enough to get a 6x multiplier on many spins, the prizes you will take from this feature will increase your bankroll considerably.

The always lucky number 7 is the Hall of Shadows bonus game, and the most spectacular one of all. You will get to fight the Black Knight to prove you’re worthy of retrieving the Holy Grail and it is an incredibly visually appealing and rewarding feature. During this epic battle that will take place on your screen, you will get to either attack or perform defensive moves. Of course, each successful move will award you with an instant cash bonus  and if you manage to defeat the Knight by choosing all the correct moves in battle, you could end up with a massive payout!

Avalon II bonus game map

The last and the one only some hard working few will get to play is The Isle of Avalon bonus game. Here, you get to spin some wheels and your goal is to get the highest possible multiplier from the 4 wheels you have on your screen. Each wheel will be spun once (you will get to spin the 4th one only if you hit a 0 on your 3rd wheel) and will give out a number. The full number you get from all the wheels will form your final multiplier and considering you could easily get a 4 figures multiplier, the rewards could be absolutely breathtaking.

The way Avalon II is built and the fact that is such a visually appealing and rewarding 3D pokie will quickly turn it into one of your favorites. And even though Microgaming powered some pretty dreadful slots in the past, this one is for sure a huge step in the right direction for them.

You should not miss this game, so give it a try either for free on this page, or in one of the great Casinos below for real money!

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