How to play pokies

When players look for information about how to play pokies, they’re either interested in learning how to actually play the games, or (more often) they really want to know how to win at the games. However, this is often one and the same thing, as even people who have played casino games before may be unaware of variations in playing style across different types of pokies games that could be increasing or decreasing their odds of triumphing over the house. To really understand the game, you need to begin at the beginning by understanding exactly what the game is, what it does and how you can affect the outcome of the games you play.

Online pokies have become one of the most popular games in UK and also in Australia, and they originated from the physical slot machines that one still finds in physical casinos. However, when comparing the two gaming experiences, players need to know that the physical machines had a number of flaws derived from the fact that these machines have a massive number of moving parts. These flaws could potentially deprive players from getting the pay-out they were due. So online casinos stepped in with virtual slot machines where the odds are governed by computers, ensuring that players never miss out on their winnings.

Online Pokies

Once online pokies were introduced to Australia, and around the world, casino patrons started playing droves, as the convenience of being able to play in their homes had massive appeal. These early adopters and every player since have come to realise the additional benefits that online casinos in Australia and elsewhere offer to them in terms of the lack of unnecessary effort. Instead of needing to travel to a casino, then go to a cashier and change money into slots tokens or change in order to play, there is now just the ability to download the casino software and enter credit card or money voucher details. Once a player has done that, the real fun starts!

Once you’ve opened up the online casino software, you’ll see that every online pokies game that the casino offers is available to you immediately. Instead of hunting for a vacant machine, you can simply choose and enjoy. When you are making your choice, you can try out a number of different games out so think carefully about which game suits your style best. There are a number of different types of pokies games including Classic, Reel, Video Pokies, MegaSpin and Progressive Jackpot pokies. Once you decide which type of game is the one you enjoy, you can look only in that section of the casino software to find all of the games that are available in that style.

You now know where online pokies games originated from, what types there are and you’ve selected the game to try out, so now it’s time to play. When the game is loaded up, you’ll see the slots imagery in the centre, and along the outside all the different buttons that control the games itself. You will see all the information about the number of paylines you have active in the game, the size of the bet that you’re making on each of those paylines, your total bet as well as the funds that you have available at that time. Importantly, the game should also have a button so that you can see what the payout of the game is going to be. After all, there’s no point chasing a tiny win when there are so many games with huge payouts just begging to be conquered.

When you’ve located all the key information on the game’s screen, there are a number of steps that all pokies players should take to give you the best chance of success in every spin of the metaphorical wheel.

Paylines: To have the greatest chance of winning and hitting that big jackpot, players need to ensure that they have set the game to include the maximum available number of paylines. When initially selecting a pokies game, you are able to select one based on the number that it has, from a single payline to over 100!

Here is an exsample of a 25 payline pokies:

Example 25 Pokies Paylines

Line Bet / Coins per line: While gamblers instinctually want to ‘bet the house’, players who really want to win jackpots will play with some restraint, increasing their bets in line with how much they’ve won at the machine. This allows them, and you, to continue playing pokies for a much longer period of time, getting the most entertainment for their money. Staying in the game for longer also gives the greatest chances to hit that big winning streak and possibly the jackpot

Maximising your chances to win by playing your pokies game for longer is accentuated if you have a larger budget to play with to start with as the size of your line bet when you start out can very well determine exactly how large your winnings can be as the bigger your bet is, the more you stand to win!