The Dark Knight Rises Free Pokies Review


Slots Game: The Dark Knight Rises Free Pokies
Network: Microgaming
Bonus: $200
Bonus Code: Get $200 Welcome Bonus For The Dark Knight Rises
Australian Players Accepted: Yes

The Dark Knight Rises

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The Microgaming powered pokie, The Dark Knight Rises is far from being simply a game based on a blockbuster movie. It is definitely a unique experience on its own and you will be absolutely thrilled with how visually appealing it is and how rewarding it is regardless if you’re a fan of Batman movies or not. Even though it is not all bright colors and funny looking symbols like most slots out there, you will surely enjoy it despite it’s dark theme. In my opinion, since I am not necessarily the biggest fan of tacky looking games, The Dark Knight Rises represents what any pokie should be looking like. The graphics are absolutely stunning, the sound effects are uncommon in a great way and the gameplay will keep you playing this amazing game for hours and hours. The way Microgaming managed to capture the spirit of the Batman movie and the way they managed to implement the thrill and urgency in every spin is what makes The Dark Knight Rises one of the most addictive and definitely one of the best pokies available at the moment in online casinos.

Since it features the 243 ways to win payout system we are used to in Microgaming pokies, we already know that the base-game will hardly ever get boring and if we take into account the random features available and great animations that will appear on your screen every now and again we can safely confirm that there’s a lot to look forward to in The Dark Knight Rises.

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While the bets range from as little as €0.30 up to €15 per spin, which is not going to be great news for the high-rollers among you, what I can personally guarantee for each and every one of you is that the fun will hardly ever be over in this game. And even though some of you won’t find paying €15 per spin as thrilling, you will surely enjoy the rewards you can get even if the spin value isn’t as high as in other pokies out there. There is no Progressive Jackpot up for grabs, but The Dark Knight Rises compensates with a great variety of bonus games and added features which will considerably boost your bankroll if you are lucky enough to hit some highly rewarding combinations on your reels.

TDKR battle

Speaking of added bonuses, we should start with the randomly triggered features from the base-game. First of all, we have the Symbol Scramble, which will move around the symbols on your reels after non winning spins to create some nice winning combinations on your paylines. Another great random feature is the Fight Mode. Seeing Batman fighting Bane on your screen to get you greater rewards will be very thrilling especially after a downswing. The battle will get you random numbers of free spins and multipliers (if you’re lucky enough) for each blow the heroes land on each other and these will be added to the standard number of free spins awarded in the next Bonus game you will trigger.

The Wild symbol in this game is The Dark Knight Rises logo and on top of substituting itself for other standard symbols on your reels and completing your combinations on the paylines for greater rewards, it also has another role. As part of the great base-game the good guys at Microgaming put together in this pokie, hitting the Wild symbol on the middle reel will cause it to expand on the whole reel. This Expanding Wild feature will be highly rewarding as it can provide you with some amazing winning combinations.

The main bonus game in the Dark Knight Rises and as usual, the main attraction in the pokie, is triggered by hitting 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on your reels. This will award you with 10 Free Spins, on top of which you will get to choose who you will want to help you during the round. You will have to choose of course between Batman and Bane and each will have his special added features. On top of these extra features, this is where you will also take advantage of the extra free spins and multipliers Batman and Bane generated for you during their battles.

TDKR choose your feature

If you choose Bane as your ally during Free Spins, he will offer his services by providing you with the already famous Rolling Reels feature. All the symbols you will use in winning combinations will explode, leaving the empty blocks on your reels to be filled by other symbols. The great thing about this is that you will have the possibility to win over and over again during the same free spin. If you are lucky enough to have a multiplier added in the bonus feature, this can bring some quite impressive bankroll boosts.

You can also have another big advantage if you choose Bane in the Free Spins mode, but this feature will only be available after you’ve triggered the Bonus game 10 times. What I am referring to is the Super Stacked Wild feature Bane can offer. Your odds or hitting some massive payouts will be considerably increased by the fact that your Wilds will be stacked when hit on reels 2 or 4 and some impressive combinations can be hit this way.

TDKR choose your wild

During Free Spins, Batman will be responsible for getting you and Extra Wild Blast bonus feature, where you will get to choose a symbol out of the higher paying ones to act as an extra wild. Even though not a very spectacular feature, it did account for a 15,000 coins win after a 41 free spins round with a 2x multiplier while I was testing the game. And taking into consideration that the spin value I was playing at that moment was 150 coins, I must admit I was impressed with the rewards.

Batman will also account for a Heat Seeking Wild feature, which will only be available after triggering the bonus game 10 times. What this does for you is to create Wild symbols out of random ones on your middle reel, increasing your chances of winning big considerably and adding a certain thrill to the game as you watch the reels spinning and your rewards increasing.

All these extra features combined with the amazing overall look of the pokie, the realistic and high-quality graphics and the actual movie scenes which will appear on your reels during your high winning combinations add up to an amazing gaming experience. The thrill of the action that is never over in The Dark Knight Rises will keep you spinning those reels for hours while you enjoy premium entertainment and possibly some great rewards. Microgaming created again a game you shouldn’t miss under any circumstances and you should definitely give it a try now!



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